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"Of all the retreats I have found among the Catskills there is no other that possesses quite so many charms for me as this valley. It is so wild, so quiet and has such superb views." John Burroughs well known naturalist wrote these words about Woodland Valley. According to the Woodland Valley historian Edward G. West in early times it was known as Muddy Brook, then Henry D.H. Snyder purchased six thousand acres in 1850 for his tannery business, and the name became Snyder's Hollow. Around 1920 the post office was established under the name of Woodland. Some believe the Guyot map of 1880 stating the post office as Woodland, there continues to be discrepancies on the matter.

Fun Facts

  • Originally called “Muddy Brook” then, “Snyder’s Hollow” after the man who lived there, and currently Woodland Valley.
  • John Burroughs had a number of camps named after him in Woodland, he used to walk over Slide or Panther Mtn. from Oliverea into Woodland, one of his favorite places he wrote about.